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Medical PCB Assembly

What Regulations and Standards Apply to Medical PCB Assembly

 Oct 20, 2020

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have become important across industries because of their use in electronic devices, and the medical industry is no exception.


Rigid-Flex PCBs

A Short Guide for Array Panelizing- A Pre-Requisite to Assembling Rigid-Flex PCBs

 Dec 09, 2020

The rigid-flex PCB assembly is a combination of rigid and flexible PCB assembly technologies.


PCB Fabrication and Assembly

PCB Fabrication and Assembly Checklist: Things to Check Before Design Submission

 Jan 20, 2021

Designing a printed circuit board is a long and complex process. This is because of the complexity of the designs, performance specifications, an increasing number of components, and so on.


PCB Surface Finishes

A Short Guide on Different Types of PCB Surface Finishes

 Feb 19, 2021

Surface finishing is one of the crucial steps in the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. Unshielded circuit boards are susceptible to oxidation, severely affecting their structural integrity.


Flexible PCBs

Crucial Factors of Flexible PCBs: Design Considerations and Guidelines

 Mar 18, 2021

Flexible PCBs are a part of several electronic devices. In fact, owing to the benefits like bendability, lesser assembly cost and time, point-to-point wire connections and scope for replacement, etc, these flexible PCBs are widely used in several industrial electronics.


SMT PCB Assembly

Guide for Process Control Measures to Prevent Errors in SMT PCB Assembly

 Apr 23, 2021

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly is a popular mounting technique in PCB fabrication. This technique is highly adopted by PCB contract manufacturers due to the quality it offers in PCB fabrication.


Why Choose a Contract Manufacturer for Your PCB Assembly?

 May 11, 2021

Nowadays, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) come up with several new ways to scale up their expenses for building a successful business.


High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCBs: A Few Layout Considerations to Enhance Design Efficiency

 Jun 11, 2021

High frequency PCBs are used in embedded systems. These PCBs enable the transmission of high frequency (GHz) electromagnetic waves.


RF and microwave PCBs

A Design Guide for Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave PCB Assembly

 Jun 29, 2021

Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave PCBs are popular types of high-frequency PCBs.


Turnkey PCB Assembly

A Brief Discussion on Capabilities of Turnkey PCB Assembly of Accelerated Assemblies

 Jul 27, 2021

A Brief Discussion on Capabilities of Turnkey PCB Assembly of Accelerated Assemblies


Telecom PCB Assemblies

Importance of HALT and HASS Test Methodologies for Telecom PCB Assemblies

 Aug 11, 2021

Printed circuit boards are an integral part of several electrical and electronic devices, and serve as a backbone for the functioning of that device.


Optimal Electronic PCB Assembly

What Are Important Considerations for an Optimal Electronic PCB Assembly

 Aug 30, 2021

Most electronic devices that we use today feature printed circuit boards. These boards comprise several fine components that are assembled carefully for desired results. The PCB assembly is a controlled process and it involves several steps from designing to assembly.


Optimal Electronic PCBs

Best Practices to Achieve Optimal Electronic PCBs

 Sep 16, 2021

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are like a nucleus of almost all electromechanical, electrical, or digital devices including the most modern and technologically advanced ones.


 Medical PCB Assembly

Challenges and Requirements of Medical PCB Assembly Discussed

 Sep 28, 2021

Medical printed circuit boards (PCBs) are in focus as they are being used in a large number of medical devices such as body temperature monitors, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and so on.


What IPC Standards Apply to PCB Assembly?

 Oct 14, 2021

As the demand for performance-driven, ultra-complex integrated devices is increasing, the demand for quality and complex PCBs has grown. Today, almost all types of electronic devices feature PCBs, which work like their core as the functioning and accuracy of these products depends on the operation o...


A Brief Discussion on Six Common Applications of Multilayer PCBs

 Jun 22, 2020

In recent times, multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) have gained popularity across industries. Increasing demand for miniature devices is one of the reasons for this popularity. Multilayer PCBs allow users to materialize denser designs, without compromising the performance.


Low Volume PCB Assembly: Significance in PCB Prototyping and Iterative Design

 May 26, 2020

The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly is a comprehensive process, which involves steps such as design, manufacturing, and testing. Nowadays, much of the manufacturing and assembly process is automated, so these PCBs can be produced in bulk and low volumes, as per the requirement...


A Short Guide to Different Types of PCB Assembly Processes

 May 13, 2020

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is at the core of every electronic device that we connect today. These PCBs. PCBs basically interconnect the electronic components by creating conductive pathways via copper pads and connecting lines. Therefore, the PCB assembly process becomes one of the most intrigu...


A Quick Introduction to Different Types of SMT Stencils

 Mar 09, 2020

Printed circuit boards have revolutionized the electronics manufacturing industry with their compactness and improved efficiency. They have helped electronic manufacturers automate the process of circuit assembly by reducing point-to-point wiring requirements.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

 Dec 20, 2019

Accelerated Assemblies helps their customers meet some of the most demanding project requirements by offering end-to-end services for PCB manufacturing and assembling.