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Consignment Circuit Board Assembly Services

Customer Driven Consignment PCB Assembly Services

Consignment pcb assembly services from Accelerated Assemblies are designed to provide the customer flexibility and freedom in the circuit board prototyping and assembly process.

We work with our clients to shortlist the best components that will meet the design and application requirements. The client then sources and procures the components and provides them to us. We then use these to complete the prototyping assembly process. This approach allows the client to have better understanding of the printed circuit board assembly process and the component used therewith.

Consignment Capabilities and Equipment

Like our turnkey pcb assembly services, we at Accelerated Assemblies provide complete assembly solutions by providing various mounting technology options. Our consignment capabilities include:

  • RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant assemblies
  • SMT or PTH technologies or mixed
  • Leaded or lead free assembly processes
  • Single or double-sided mixed technology quick turn PCB assembly
  • Prototype specialists for quick turns
  • Quick turn prototype PCB manufacturing
  • Single or double sided assemblies upon request
  • State-of-the art assembly equipment and methods
  • On time delivery and single point of customer service

Our capabilities give us the freedom to work with various types of materials such as FR4, fiberglass, FR-4, polyester, polyamide, and PTFE.

We utilize fully automated equipment for all assembly processes including component placement, soldering, stencil printing, automated optical inspection, and testing for cracks and voids. This enables us to assemble complex yet accurate small sized circuit boards with specifications between 0.3mm and 0.5mm.

With our consignment pcb assembly services, we guarantee that you will receive circuit boards of the best quality with specifications that will meet your application requirements. Contact us to know more.


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"We REALLY appreciate the fantastic job that Accelerated Assemblies does for us. We are glad to have found a great, long term partner and we look forward to our businesses growing together. "

- Peoria, IL

"The boards came in today and they look great. Everything is working perfectly and the way you have all helped us through this challenging project says a lot about the quality of your people and company. "

- Minneapolis, MN
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