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Your One Stop for Circuit Board Assemblies for the Gaming Industry

The continual growth of the gaming industry has resulted in numerous types of games and hardware. Establishments such as hotels and casinos utilize large slot machines and other enclosed gaming devices. Gaming conventions, stores, and tournaments make use of similar types of devices. All of these require high-tech circuit board assemblies.

Accelerated Assemblies can provide robust circuit boards that are designed for repeated use. Our manufacturing facility has the latest equipment, giving us the freedom to help you to design, manufacture, and even repair your gaming devices.

We can meet any industry demand; whether the requirement is creating a new game for your establishment or upgrading an existing one. At Accelerated Assemblies, we utilize the latest in SMT technology and automated machines in designing and manufacturing circuit board assemblies. We provide the option of single or double sided assemblies for more complex devices. Custom box builds can be designed for large devices for additional protection and long service life. Our circuit board assemblies can be mounted onto the door of the enclosure cabinet for easy reach and repair.

If needed, Accelerated Assemblies can assist you in the repair or replacement of your circuit board assembly. We offer all these services at cost-effective prices, ensuring that you get complete value for your investment.


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See what our customers says

"We REALLY appreciate the fantastic job that Accelerated Assemblies does for us. We are glad to have found a great, long term partner and we look forward to our businesses growing together. "

- Peoria, IL

"The boards came in today and they look great. Everything is working perfectly and the way you have all helped us through this challenging project says a lot about the quality of your people and company. "

- Minneapolis, MN
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