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Data Communications

Strengthening Communication Connections with PCB Assemblies

Since its inception, Accelerated Assemblies has been a major quick turn solutions provider for the data communications industry. We have the capabilities to provide printed circuit board assemblies of varied designs, volumes, and capabilities to meet customer requirements.

PCB Assembly Solutions for Data and Communication Applications

At Accelerated Assemblies, we design and manufacture printed circuit board assemblies for dense RF communication applications. A variety of materials can be chosen to meet your specific requirements. Generally, we recommend high grade fiber optics, PTFE, polyimide, and fiberglass, amongst others.

We design complex BGA and micro BGA assemblies using surface mount and plated through hole technologies. For custom products, we have the capabilities to provide SMOBC and a combination of SMT and PTH assemblies. We utilize the selective wave soldering process to ensure precision in manufacturing as well as to avoid damage to fine pitched components. We can also produce assemblies with the following processes:

  • Lead free soldering
  • Lead based soldering
  • RoHS compliant process

We process CAD data, employ placement machine programs, and utilize various test procedures to substantiate the quality and performance of our PCB assemblies with customer expectations. Accelerated Assemblies performs Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), as well as functional and In-Circuit Testing (ICT) to ensure that the products are of high quality. Our testing criteria includes, but is not limited to DFM analysis, power consistency, thermal limits, and signal integrity.

Other capabilities and services provided by Accelerated Assemblies include:

  • Aqueous and no-clean solder chemistry
  • Box build assemblies
  • Potting and conformal coating
  • Multiple, linked, and continuous flow production lines

All our products conform to the regulations laid down by UL, and RoHS 5 and 6. Our production quantities are shipped to customers in 7 working days. If you would like to know more about our products and capabilities, please contact us via telephone at +1(630)616-6680 or email to


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See what our customers says

"We REALLY appreciate the fantastic job that Accelerated Assemblies does for us. We are glad to have found a great, long term partner and we look forward to our businesses growing together. "

- Peoria, IL

"The boards came in today and they look great. Everything is working perfectly and the way you have all helped us through this challenging project says a lot about the quality of your people and company. "

- Minneapolis, MN
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