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A Brief Discussion on Capabilities of Turnkey PCB Assembly of Accelerated Assemblies

 Jul 27, 2021

Turnkey PCB Assembly

For many years, printed circuit boards (PCBs) have surged the growth of the electronics industry in many ways. The use of PCBs in devices across industries has changed the way they function; for example, the ones used in medical and defense sectors. There have been technological being introduced every day, and the result is the realization of complex and intricate device designs and their miniature sizes. All these aspects have further pushed the capabilities of PCB manufacturers. Most of them offer turnkey PCB assembly services which mean end-to-end solutions and a product that is ready to use immediately after installation. This service enables PCB designing and assembling in diverse specifications, making the entire process fast and hassle-free.

Know the Type of Capabilities a Turnkey PCB Assembly of Accelerated Assemblies

Regardless of any type of circuit board assembly, Accelerated Assemblies offers end-to-end solutions and all of them under one roof. This is possible because of the different technological and other capabilities. Here are some of their capabilities in terms of turkey PCB assemblies:

  • Accelerated Assemblies assembles PCBs by using surface mount technology (SMT), plated-through hole technology, or a combination of both, depending upon the requirement.
  • The company is known for the timely delivery of performance-driven circuit boards. In addition to this, there is a single point of contact to cater to all kinds of queries, which helps prevent confusion and improves response time.
  • All types of circuit boards they offer are RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant and meet the OSHA standard.
  • We understand your requirement and then decide upon the PCB material. It may be lead-based or lead-free depending upon the application.
  • Accelerated Assemblies offers quick-turn printed circuit board assembly services with one-sided as well as double-sided technologies. Therefore, you can easily avail of single-sided or double-sided circuit boards on request.
  • They also offer prototyping of quick-turn PCBs and are specialists in this segment.
  • At Accelerated Assemblies, the focus is on meeting a client’s requirements above their expectations. The company has a state-of-the-art facility with fully-equipped machinery and equipment to deliver high-quality circuit board assemblies.
  • Aside from all these capabilities, the company offers some value additions such as PCB conformal coating services, box builds, and cable assemblies.
  • The company is focused on quality and hence implements thorough testing procedures. They use various types of testing processes including manual testing, automated optical inspection (AOI), and x-ray inspection.
  • The company offers minimal lead times without compromising on quality.
  • They are pro at customizing to suit specific requirements.

Today, if you search for a turnkey PCB assembly service provider in the USA, you’ll get many that promise high-quality at attractive prices. However, there are a few that have achieved great success. Accelerated Assemblies specializes in designing and building PCB assemblies for several electronic applications, and is counted among the experienced and leading quick-turn circuit board manufacturing service providers in the US.

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