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A Brief Discussion on Six Common Applications of Multilayer PCBs

 Jun 22, 2020

In recent times, multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) have gained popularity across industries. Increasing demand for miniature devices is one of the reasons for this popularity. Multilayer PCBs allow users to materialize denser designs, without compromising the performance. It’s easy to find multilayer PCBs in many everyday devices that we use from miniature wearable devices to mission-critical communication devices. Would you like to know the areas where multilayer PCBs are used? This post discusses the top six application areas of multilayer PCBs.

Six Multilayer PCB Applications That You Must Know About

Owing to its lightweight weight and compact designs, multilayer PCBs are considered to be the best choice for various industrial applications. The following are some important applications of multilayer PCBs:

  • Medical Devices: Electronic devices are integral to the medical industry. Like any other electronics dependent industry, the medical industry is also adopting miniaturization. With non-invasive treatment techniques gaining traction, there is increased demand for miniature devices in the medical industry. The multilayer PCBs can perfectly meet the demands of these devices owing to their small size, lightweight design, and other powerful features. Some best examples of medical devices using multilayer PCs include X-ray equipment, CAT scanning equipment, blood pressure, and sugar testing device, MRI, CT scan, infrared temperature monitoring, and so on.
  • Consumer Electronics: Consumer electronics, often referred to as home electronics, covers a wide range of electronics equipment intended for everyday use. This tends to include devices used for communication such as smartphones, laptops, etc.; entertainment including smart TVs, music players; and kitchen appliances – microwaves, washing machines, and more. Most of these devices are equipped with multilayer printed circuit boards than standard single-layer PCBs. Why? This is because multilayer PCBs contribute to their functionality and compact designs.
  • Industrial Electronics: Electronics equipment used in an industrial environment is quite different from consumer electronics. The reason being they are exposed to harsh environments such as high temperature, shock, vibrations, pressure, dust, and humidity. Some common examples of industrial electronics equipment include automated assembly lines, packaging conveyors, spray painting robots, and so on. They are designed for long time functioning and they may be made to work throughout the day. In such cases, durable PCBs are required, and multilayer PCBs exactly meet this requirement. Multilayer PCBs are more durable than other alternatives available on the market today.
  • Computers and Devices: Today, it is impossible for us to imagine life without computers and automation. Everything right from computers and related products such as graphics cards, motherboards, computer mouse, and more uses multilayer PCBs, owing to their space-saving and functionality attributes. These PCBs can be designed to achieve superior performance at low costs than other competitive technologies.
  • Telecommunication Electronics: Multilayer PCBs are found in many telecommunication devices such as GPS and satellite applications, signal transmission, which demands durability while maintaining a high level of functionality. With the development of wireless technologies, there is a high demand for high-performance, sophisticated miniature devices. Multilayer PCBs can easily fulfill the requirement. Other applications of telecommunication electronics are communication towers, Radar electronics, power amplifiers, attenuators, and many more.
  • Military, Aerospace, and Defense: Similar to the above industries, multilayer PCBs are becoming a priority for many military and defense applications, too. Favored for compact design, low weight, functionality, and durability, these PCBs are high-speed devices. Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), aircraft defense system and avionics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), surveillance, automated guns, and radar systems are some devices equipped with multilayer PCBs. To meet the stringent requirement of high-circuits, multilayer PCBs are assembled with Mil-spec components to withstand a harsh environment where high temperature and pressure can cause damage to the grade components.

With high-speed and high-performance technologies evolving, the demand for multilayer PCBs will continue to increase. So, if your company wishes to invest in those technologies, it needs to focus on building quality multilayer PCB solutions. Along with great ideas, it should also focus on partnering with a quality multilayer PCB assembly services like Accelerated Assemblies. The company has been delivering multilayer PCBs to its clients across industries like medical, military and defense, gaming equipment manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, and so on for several years now.

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