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Why must you Partner with Accelerated Assemblies to Avail Quick-turn PCB Assembly Services?

 Apr 06, 2015

Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Services

Accelerated Assemblies is a partner you can trust for availing reliable quick turn assembly services in prototype or production quantity. Our expertise lies in providing fast, price competitive, and value-added services right from the quotation to the delivery. We are experts in incorporating the most demanding design criteria, and assure the delivery of finished boards within 24 hours of order placement.

Our Name is Synonymous with Quality

We possess the right team, tools, equipment, and experience to provide quick-turn PCB assembly services to meet our client’s toughest requirements.

Our capabilities include:

  • We utilize state-of-the art assembly equipment and methods to deliver agile solutions for constantly changing customer needs.
  • We specialize in providing single or double sided assemblies.
  • Our PCB design and fabrication processes are in adherence to RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 standards.
  • We have the expertise in assembling quick-turn PCBs with complex parameters.
  • We can deliver prototype PCBs on the same day when a requirement is brought to us.
  • We can provide PCB assemblies in both hard and soft gold finishes.
  • We have a team of engineers who oversee every aspect of the design, equipment implementation, and quality verification processes. This ensures the quality of the final assembly.
  • Our engineers are well-versed in surface mounting, thru-hole, and mixed technology.
  • We provide turnkey or consigned material options.

We Aim to Achieve Customer Satisfaction in terms of Price, Quality, and Delivery

When it comes to quick-turn PCB assembly, we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Several years of rich industrial experience help us meet our client’s requirements with consideration to their time and budget constraints.

Our business goal is to achieve proficiency in every aspect of quick-turn PCB assembly services and we are constantly in search for ways to do the service better.

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