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Which are the Steps Involved in Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

 Apr 11, 2014

 Steps Involved In Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies involve various processes that require diligence and attention to details. A PCB is an integrated device with various components that are connected together using metal boards, copper foils, epoxy resins, and fiberglass. When attached together, these components need to be connected with electronic components in order to form an operational assembly of printed circuit.

Assembly of a PCB can be done electrically and mechanically with the help of molten metal solder. Assembly methods for a through-hole construction PCB and a surface mount construction PCB are not too different. In order to perform successful printed circuit board assemblies, you should perform following steps:

  • Place the circuit components on the board: Arrangement of the components as per your custom circuit board design has to be done perfectly. This arrangement will decide your final product and hence, they should be assembled with discipline.
  • Perform soldering of components: Soldering the components onto the circuit board is essential for keeping the components firmly in their right place. There are various soldering techniques that can be used to attach the components on the board. Based on the size of components and volume of production, you can go for bulk soldering, reflow oven soldering, or even manual soldering for minute particles with tweezers and a soldering iron.
  • Inspect the PCB: The last step of assembly of a PCB involves scrutinized tests in order to detect any structural flaws or operational defects. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines intricately inspect the printed circuit boards for any unattached joints or loose components. Assembly of a PCB is complete only when such defects are fixed.


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