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What to Look for in Your Turnkey PCB Assembly Service Provider

 Jun 04, 2015

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

Factors that Make a PCB Assembly Service Provider

If your PCB assembly service provider can do the following for you, it means you are in good hands.

    • Conduct Extensive Prototyping

Prototyping is the key to finalizing a design and providing assurance of the operational excellence of your PCB. More importantly, this step should be conducted when working with a complex design.

    • Integrate Software and Hardware

Most PCB manufacturers might only be able to provide the hardware of the PCB. A good manufacturer will work on the hardware and software simultaneously to ensure that your PCB works without a hitch.

    • Provide Helpful After-sales Services

In case you face problems with your PCB, or have questions regarding its functionality, you should be able to get all this sorted with your PCB manufacturer. If your relationship with your manufacturer ends as soon as the product is delivered and payment is made, you should re-consider.

Turn Key PCB Assembly

Various configurations are possible with PC boards. You should look for a manufacturer who is able to accommodate all your requirements with finesse and technical expertise. All of this will ensure that the level of value addition is very high and your manufacturer is doing more than just manufacturing – he is improving and adding value to your product. For more information about turnkey pcb assembly service log on to

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