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Tips to Select the Right BGA Assembly and Repair Service

 Feb 01, 2019

Ball Grid Assembly (BGA) has become very popular these days owing to its capability of making high density connections to ICs more easily. Although BGAs are considered as one of the durable assemblies compared to several conventional packages, they are also susceptible to damage, which requires immediate repairing. Due to their popularity and widespread use, it is quite easy to find service providers who specialize in BGA assembly and repair services in your area. In the previous post, we had a discussion on this technology along with listing a few amongst the several advantages of the assembly. In this post, let’s concentrate on tips to select the right BGA assembly and repair services.

How to Choose the Right BGA Repair Service Providers in Your Area

As opposed to the tendency of ordering a new assembly, people are now looking forward to get their BGA assembly repaired at a minimum cost. Hence, unlike in the past, there has been a larger dependency on PCB repairing service providers to work on BGA assembly. Currently, there is a huge increase in the numbers of BGA repairing service providers who deliver high-quality and reliable repairs to improve failure-prone assemblies. Since today’s repair procedures are more sophisticated that before, it is extremely important for you to partner with repairing facilities who own the following capabilities.

Skilled technicians who possess a thorough understanding of the repairing processes. Since BGA repair requires expert-level attention, it is important to have personnel who run these processes using the latest diagnostic technology and world-class programs. They must not only skilled enough to discover the root cause of the circuit board’s failure but also knowledgeable enough to analyze the extent of its damage. This, in turn, helps the technicians to render right repairs on boards that have defects on solder joints or other parts.

For an up-to-date and successful repair operation, the right use of several equipment and tools is of utmost necessity as listed below.

  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Advanced Stereo Microscope
  • Soldering tools
  • Component removal tools
  • Preheating Station
  • Micro Drilling and Grinding Tool
  • Precision Drilling System
  • Replacement Circuits and Pads
  • Gold Contact Plating System
  • Epoxy Kits and Coloring Agents
  • Eyelets and Eyelet Press

It is not a good idea to partner with a repairing facility that is poorly equipped.

Since procedures for BGA rework are well-defined and long established, ensure that the chosen repairing service providers are experienced with the following steps:

  • In-House Testing & Diagnostics
  • BGA component removal
  • BGA repair
  • Site Prep
  • Replacement
  • BGA Reballing Service
  • Salvage
  • X-ray or optical verification
  • Circuit Design Changes
  • BGA Pad Repair
  • Trace Repair
  • Mask Repair
  • BGA Underfill
  • Troubleshoot

Each BGA repair project comes with its own challenges as the boards are now being assembled with complicated fine pitch components. This is exactly why it is recommended to partner with the expert who can complete the tasks in accordance with IPC standards. There are several PCB design and manufacturing companies offering BGA assembly and repair services with the capability of placing a minimum 0.4 mm pitch BGAs on PCB board. Accelerated Assemblies, Inc. is one amongst the leading names who provide BGA assembly and repair services with the assurance of the highest degree of quality workmanship. The company’s decades of experience keeps them at the forefront to handle most of today’s BGA package sizes and ball counts and contribute to restore all the damaged BGAs to their original specifications.

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