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RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly Services That Meet Global Requirements

 Mar 11, 2016

RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly Services

The Regulation of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standard was originally created by the European Union. The RoHS standard aims at the eradication of varied hazardous materials from industrial environments. It specifically focuses on the electronics industry as it employs the use of harmful chemicals for various purposes. For example, lead-based solder, had been used by PCB assembly service providers from the beginning itself. But, after the imposing of RoHS standards across the EU, they were required to employ lead free solders in almost all printed circuit board designs.

Lead Free Circuit Board Assembly Services at Accelerated Assemblies, Inc.

Illinois based Accelerated Assemblies, Inc. leads the way in offering RoHS compliant PCB assembly services to its customers. We have significantly invested in getting our processes and facility RoHS compliant. This was done by equipping our facility RoHS compliant equipment. Our employees also receive timely training and certification regarding the same. Moreover, we make sure that the parts and components that we procure from external sources are free from hazardous chemicals. Also, our processes are routinely audited to certify chemical free and RoHS compliant PCB assembly.

Advantages of Choosing a RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly Services Provider

Customers who work with Accelerated Assemblies know that compliance with RoHS is the optimum standard. We not only take up new projects that require “lead free” PCBs. We have successfully helped clients by researching their existing components and offering lead free alternatives. You can realize the following tangible benefits by going the RoHS way with Accelerated Assemblies:

  • Streamline your investments for RoHS compliance
  • Optimize your resources and facility to comply with RoHS
  • Prepare a compliance strategy for existing products and services
  • Re-engineering PCB assemblies and products for compliance to RoHS
  • RoHS compliant PCB assembly using lead free processes
  • Supply electronic products complying with RoHS to the EU community

When it comes to lead free RoHS compliant PCB assembly services, Accelerated Assemblies can provide you practically everything. Contact us to know how.

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