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Quick-Turn PCB Prototypes: Factors You Should Know

 Jun 13, 2014

Quick-Turn PCB Prototypes

There is no wonder that every customer in today’s world is striving to save money, energy and time and the same holds true in the case of Printed Circuit Boards. You are already aware of the concept of prototype PCBs, which simply means that a PCB is designed based on the pattern of the original PCB in order to facilitate the process of inspection. Prototype PCBs allow the manufacturer to put all the functionalities and features of the product under test and scrutiny, to make sure that the original PCB would operate favorably after final fabrication. It also lets new developments and improvements to be added in the final product after analyses and evaluations.

The concept of quick-turn PCB prototypes is based on the necessity of assemblingmodels of PCBs (before they are put into final fabrication process) with customized features within a strict deadline of time. These services are made available to customers by expert PCB assembly houses, who have mastered the technique of creating faster turnarounds with cost-efficiency.

However, it is imperative for the customer to be aware of the exacting PCB requirements before opting for any quick-turn PCB prototype services.It should be made sure that the specifications and advantages offered by the solution-provider can meet their specific needs.

What are key benefits that one can reap from Quick-turn PCB prototype?

Opting for this particular kind of service would allow the customers to reap certain relevant and applicable benefits, such as:

  • It saves the customers from confronting unnecessary delays as they are able to check the design before placing the order and can avoid waiting for the design verification and clarification process.
  • In most cases, customers opting for this service get personal and prompt assistance from one of the engineers or technicians who would be just a call away to help the customers with the design specifications.
  • Most of the efficient service providers are careful about assembling to the customers’ design specifications quickly in order to provide faster and definite response without delay.

Quick-Turn PCB Prototypes

Accelerated Assemblies has gained commendable expertise and experience in offering high-quality quick-turn PCB assembly prototypes to customers based on their specific requirements. We are capable of taking care of your turnkey or consignment projects, and in providing single or double-sided SMT and PTH assemblies.

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