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Providing Prototype PCB Assembly Services to Meet your Dynamic Business Needs

 Sep 07, 2015

Prototype PCB Assembly Services

Are you looking for a manufacturer who can provide you with unmatched prototype PCB assembly services? If yes, then you are at the right place. We, Accelerated Assemblies, are the leading provider of lead-free and RoHS-compliant prototype circuit boards. When you partner with us, you are assured with quality products that are delivered to you on time. We have the right team, possess an expansive knowledge of circuit board assemblies, and utilize the latest production equipment to meet your expectations.

Three Pillars Supporting Us Grow At a Faster Rate

Since our entry in the market, within a short span of time, we have gained the trust of huge customers across various industrial sectors. This wide customer base stands testimony to our expertise in providing quality solutions at a competitive price range.

The following factors expedite our journey towards success.

  • The Team – We have an in-house team of qualified professionals, including solder technicians, SMT-process engineers and raw material procurement managers. When the expertise of these technicians is combined with the latest manufacturing equipment, the result is a quick turn, industrial grade prototype PCB assembly. Our technicians strive to provide prototype PCB assembly services within a short turnaround time, whilst not compromising on the quality.
  • Quality Raw Material Procurement– Quality PCBs can only be produced by utilizing the best range of raw materials. We know the importance of procuring quality tested raw materials when producing prototype PCB assemblies. We have tie-ups with several qualified distributors, who are experts in providing materials, in the right quality, and at the right price. The unconditional support of our distributors also helps us meet the customers’ demands within the stipulated time.
  • Stringent Quality Inspection – Although every stage of the prototype PCB assembly process is under close vigilance of experts, a final quality check is also performed on every assembly. This is done to guarantee that the prototype is built as per the customers’ specifications in a quality-controlled manner. To perform the quality checks precisely, we utilize the latest equipment, including high speed bond testing equipment, X-Ray inspection equipment, and microscope inspection systems, among others.

Specialist in Providing Cost-Effective Prototype PCB Assembly Services

We have a well-equipped manufacturing facility that solely handles prototype pcb assembly services activities. This allows us to work on any complex design and guarantee the delivery as far as within 24 hours. We have thrived in this highly competitive era because of our unwavering commitment to deliver quality products on time.

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