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Know About BGA Assemblies and Its Advantages

 Nov 01, 2018

There has been rapid developments in the way PCBs are designed, assembled, manufactured, and repaired. The rising demands of electronic products with unmatched function and performance trigger these advancements, which in turn leads to the introduction of several high-density PCB packaging technologies such as BGA assembly. The aim of this post is to make you familiarize with BGA assembly procedures that become very popular in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and manufacturing industry. Read on to know more.

BGA Assembly

Although BGA assembly was introduced in the beginning of 1990s, many of us are still not aware of the technology. Let’s start by defining the term. A Ball Grid Array or (BGA) is a SMT (Surface Mount Technology) package that is commonly used for Integrated Circuits (ICs) with large numbers of pins. Being a high-density and low-cost packaging method, the technology helps to create the finest range of circuit boards with precision component placement and soldering excellence.

Advantages of BGA Assembly

BGA technology, which utilizes an array of solder balls for electrical interconnection, has several advantages to offer to IC and equipment manufacturers compared to pin-grid array (PGA). A few amongst the notable advantages of this surface-mount package is as follow:

  • Considerable improvement in both thermal and electrical performance, with efficient use of space in the board.
  • A better level of solderability, which enhances the manufacturing yields. This in-turn results in a speedy assembly whilst meeting the expected quality level.
  • Ball Grid Array enables assemble boards with reduced thickness. This is beneficial when it comes to making sleek electronic products like smart phone, and tablets.
  • The packaging is more stable owing to the fact that there are no pins that can be bent and broken.
  • Since BGA leads are made using solid solder balls, there are minimal chances of board damage during operation.
  • They seldom require maintenance and repair.
  • BGA packaging is compatible with high-efficiency system products.
  • It has excellent thermal dissipation capability and electrical property, hence is widely chosen for the production of miniature packages for an integrated circuit.
  • Assembly of BGA to the board is easy and extremely manageable using Automated Placement Machines, Automatic Solder Dispensing Machine, and Reflow Oven.

Regardless, ball grid assemblies are responsible for several light weight and compact electronics products you see today, they often demand reworking for a number of reasons. However, with the advancement of today’s modern circuit board technology, even the badly damaged BGA assembly can be repaired to regain their operational efficiency and performance. Rather than just offering just the assembly services, many of today’s manufacturers have the right solutions for all your BGA rework and repair needs. Having realized the importance and advantages of Ball Grid assembly, it is also significant for you to have a basic knowledge of partnering with a right BGA repairing facility.

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