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Innovative Solutions to Reduce PCB Quotes while Ensuring Quality Products

 Jun 06, 2016

Reduce PCB Quotes

Turnkey PCB assembly is a service that is offered by a variety of printed circuit board manufacturers, and assembly service providers. However, many customers prefer not to avail this service, as they find the PCB quote to be quite expensive. Understanding this issue, many PCB manufacturers are trying to find innovative ways to reduce overall costs. In this post, we will discuss some of the new solutions that PCB companies utilize today.

Why are PCB Quotes Expensive?

There are various aspects that affect the costs of turnkey PCB assembly, and make it a very expensive service. These include:

  • Number of PCBs
  • Lead-free assemblies
  • Bill of Material (BOM) lines
  • Use of BGA, THT, leadless, and fine pitch components
  • Higher investment required for double-sided SMT assembly

When all these aspects are combined, the result is a very expensive quote for manufacturing or assembling turnkey PCBs.

Innovative Cost-cutting Solutions

Many PCB organizations have realized this problem as the reason behind the reticence of customers. Fortunately, some organizations have come up with certain cost cutting solutions to benefit the organization, and the customers.

  • Start Cost-cutting Before the PCB Design Process: Engineers work closely with the client to understand his requirements before PCBs are designed. At this point, instead of suggesting expensive materials or components, the engineers can suggest high quality yet less expensive alternatives. This can help reduce the PCB quote to a great extent.
  • Streamline the Manufacturing and Assembly Processes: There are certain software and engineering tools available in the market, which can help optimize various PCB systems and processes. Solutions can include automation of engineering analysis and data input, optimization of process preparation work flow, and panelization automation. Using latest tools can help streamline the manufacturing and assembly processes, and reduce costs.
  • Work with Suppliers to Reduce Costs: Many PCB companies work with Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) suppliers to source or acquire certain electronic components. The PCB assembler can work with the supplier to choose components that will make the PCB robust while being inexpensive to assemble.

When looking at cost-cutting, it is important to look at all areas related to the production chain. By using these types of cost-cutting solutions, PCB manufacturing and assembly service providers will be in better positions to persuade customers to avail their turnkey PCB assembly services. For more information about turnkey PCB assembly service, please visit or contact the company at +1(630)616-6680 .

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