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Important Aspects of Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

 Jun 23, 2014

Aspects Of Printed Circuit Board

Assembly of printed circuit boards is a process that requires attention to minute details. In simple terms, assembly of PCBs is done once designing and bare board fabrication is complete. Each of the electronic components needs to be placed with correct orientation to form an operational printed circuit board.

The assembly can be either done by:

• SMT (Surface Mount Technology): The electronic components are placed and soldered on substrate (pads) of the outer surface of circuit board;


• Through-Hole Technology: The electronic component leads are inserted through holes that are already made on the substrate of the printed circuit board.

Aspects of PCB Services

Important Aspects of Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

In order to carry out PCB assembly services with efficiency and precision, you need to take into consideration certain important aspects:

  • Stay Loyal to the PCB Design: Once the design of your circuit board is finalized, it is important to stick to that design and place the components accordingly. If you follow the racks and locations properly, then your assembled PCB will be devoid of any flaws.
  • Keep the Polarity of Components in Mind: While placing the components on the circuit board, always keep in mind their polarity and adjust them at both negative and positive ends. This will prevent any electrical or functional failures in the PCB.
  • Solder Bulky Components Prior to Smaller Ones: It is advisable to solder the bulky and large components before the smaller ones. Once all the bulky components are soldered and fixed in their places then with the help tweezers and adhesives, solder the smaller components one at a time.
  • Test the Functioning of PCB: After the final assembly, it is prudent to check the functioning of the PCB. You can also scrutinize the circuit board for any loose connections or unattached electronic components.

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