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Importance of Component Placement When Using SMT

 Oct 14, 2015

 Component Placement

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB Assembly Services are used to manufacture highly reliable PCBs. SMT requires the components of the PCB to be placed at specific locations on the board. This placement has to be precise and in accordance with the schematics. Hence, to speed up the process and make it as accurate as possible, pick and place machines are used. The machines are selected in accordance with the types and volumes of parts to be surface mounted on PCBs.

Factors That Affect Component Placement in Surface Mount PCBs

The following factors directly affect the component placement process:

  • Placement Speed : The entire process consists of picking, inspecting, and placing the component on the board. Certain standards and guidelines are outlined to ensure optimal component placement speeds.
  • Part Size : The components on a PCB will differ in size. Your PCB manufacturer will take into consideration the biggest and smallest size to be mounted on the PCB. He will then determine the speed of the process accordingly.
  • Feeder Capacity : The number of tape feeders that can be loaded into the machine at a time will play an important role in determining the speed of the process. The size of the feeders will vary depending on the size of the component.

Component placement is an important factor to consider in surface mount PCBs. It affects not only the time taken to assemble the PCB but also the reliability of the board. Accurate placement of components is essential to proper functioning of the PCB. The speed at which these components are placed affects the output and therefore the cost of the assembly. Hence, these choices should be made wisely. Pick and place machines are used when developing PCBs for various industries like medical, automotive, telecommunications, and more.

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