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How to Choose the Best Custom Circuit Board Assembly Service Provider

 Feb 02, 2015

Custom Circuit Board Assembly Service

When it comes to custom circuit board assembly, it is extremely important that you find the right service provider to work with. If you search for ‘circuit board assembly service provider’ on Google, you will find a number of companies that are offering their services. So how do you decide on the best company to contact? Luckily, there are certain points that you can look out for.

What to Expect from a Custom Circuit Board Assembly Service Provider

There are certain aspects and services that can help you to find and choose the best assembly service provider.

  • Types of Assemblies: The service provider needs to be knowledgeable and proficient in assembling various types of circuit boards. This will showcase versatility and capability in taking on different types of projects. The main assembly services that a provider should offer are:
    • Prototype Manufacturing and Assembly
    • Consignment Prototype Assemblies
    • Consignment Production Assemblies
    • Full Turnkey Production Assemblies
    • Quick Turn Assemblies
    • Surface Mount Assembly
    • Through Hole Assembly
    • Mixed Technology Assembly
    • Box Build Assembly
    • BGA Assembly
    • Lead Free Assembly
  • Assembly Equipment: The type of equipment used will make a huge difference to the quality of the final product. It is extremely important that the service provider gives a list of the type of equipment he utilizes. A circuit board assembler’s equipment list will usually comprise:
    • Complete automated assembly equipment
    • Automated flux dispensing and laser sighting machines
    • Fast and accurate component placement machines
    • Wave and selective soldering machines
    • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment
    • X-ray inspection equipment
    • Functional testing equipment

The provider should also have the capabilities to assemble different kinds of materials such as fiberglass, FR-4, polyester, polyamide, and PTFE.


  • Certifications: This is an extremely important point. The company has to be recognized by the IPC. Also, its entire circuit board assembly process and final products have to adhere to the regulations laid down in standards such as ISO, UL, and RoHS.

If the service provider can substantiate his capability in all these requirements, then you can be sure that you will be working with a quality circuit board assembly provider.

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