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How can Customers Benefit from Specialized Circuit Board Assembly Services?

 Jan 29, 2015

Specialized Circuit Board Assembly Services

Circuit board assembly is one of the most important processes of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing. As this is a vital process, previously, this service was done in-house by PCB manufacturers. However, the continual growth of electronic products, and new technological innovations have led to service providers setting up shop, and providing this process as a specialized service.

The Benefits of Specialized Circuit Board Assembly Services

Utilizing a circuit board assembly service can provide many benefits to industrial customers. Some of these are given below.

  • Reduced Monetary Investment: This point is perhaps moot as it concerns the customer’s bottom line. If the customer were to invest in in-house assembly equipment, the equipment would be numerous, and the investment would be extremely high. It simply makes more sense to hire a specialized circuit board assembly service provider as the customer can create savings, and get a quality PCB in terms of assembly.
  • Improvements on Design: A circuit board assembly provider can also have other services that may meet the customer’s needs. For example, many service providers offer circuit board design to customers. If there is ever a need in the future to improve on the circuit board design, the service provider will be able to meet this requirement as he has already worked with the circuit board.


  • Extensive Experience: One major advantage of an external service provider is that they have years of experience working on circuit boards of large quantities. Hence, no matter the size of your order, they will be in a position to meet your delivery requirements.
  • Quality Guarantee: When it comes to electronic products like PCBs, quality is one of the pivotal factors for success. Many circuit board assembly service providers have the following capabilities:
    • Climate controlled production room
    • Latest SMT and PTH equipment
    • RoHS manufacturing
    • Design reviews
    • AOI and AXI inspection equipment

Such factors ensure that the quality of the final circuit board will meet global standards and application requirements.

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