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High-Volume PCB Assembly: Introduction and Industrial Importance

 Jul 28, 2020

The PCB assembly process is differentiated on different types depending on the volume of production. High volume PCB assembly simply means bulk PCB manufacturing. In this type of PCB assembly, more than 1000 PCBs are manufactured in one cycle of production. Generally, this process is applied to high demand standard or custom PCB assemblies. This process is highly popular in high-end modern electronic manufacturing companies. Often the high volume PCB assembly process is automated, in order to make it efficient and eco-friendly. This post introduces you to a high volume PCB assembly process and discusses its industrial importance in terms of benefits.

Introduction to High-Volume PCB Assembly

High volume PCB assembly is a batched PCB manufacturing process. Generally, a minimum number of PCBs manufactured in one batch is 1000. However, the process may involve a batch of 100000. As the number is large, this type of PCB assembly is known as a large volume PCB assembly process. This process is popular in electronic manufacturing companies due to its features like process consistency, uniformity, and automated manufacturing.

This process offers plenty of industrial benefits, which is why many electronic OEMs prefer it. The next section introduces you to some obvious benefits of bulk volume PCB assembly.

Benefits of High Volume PCB Assembly Process

The benefits of large volume PCB assembly are detailed as follows.

  • One Time Design and Prototyping Process: Being a bulk manufacturing process, the PCBs are assembled uniformly. Therefore, the PCB design and prototyping are performed only once for all the PCBs. In this process, the designers have to pay meticulous attention to the design process. A single error in design can cause a massive loss because the same error will appear in over 1000 and more PCBs. Therefore, in this process design and prototyping is performed for ensuring the effective functioning of the PCB. The fully functioning prototype is created and tested to ensure performance. Generally, look-alike-work-alike PCBs are preferred in this process.
  • Shortened and Time-Efficient Production Cycles: The high volume PCB assembly process has shortened production cycle, despite huge numbers involved. The first step of design and prototype itself reduces the time required for the full production cycle. Also, this process is fully automated in order to reduce human efforts. Generally, human-assembled production cycles are time-consuming, however, due to automation, much time is saved over this process. Being automated, clock-around production is possible which helps in narrowing the duration of the assembly process.
  • Production Uniformity: The uniformity in production is maintained due to pre-set specifications. From the first PCB to the last PCB, all the PCBs will be produced uniformly. Therefore, consistency in features can be maintained in this type of PCB assembly.
  • Quality Consistency: As every PCB is manufactured on the same specifications, to maintain quality consistency, all the PCBs are tested under the same considerations. Generally, all the PCBs in large volume production go under the X-ray test, functionality test, onboard test, etc. This ensures that every product is capable to function under operational conditions.
  • Cost-Efficiency: This process is certainly cost convenient. The components and necessary resources are purchased in bulk, therefore cost less. The cost of individual design, manufacturing, and testing is saved in bulk manufacturing.
  • Improves Time-to-Market Capabilities: Bulk manufacturing provides an advantage of fast time-to-market to OEMs, who are competing for a large market share. This is because a large volume of PCBs is produced at a time, so, OEMs can easily pace out their production and marketing.

As of now, high volume PCB assembly and its benefits are detailed, you must consider sourcing this service to a prominent company like Accelerated Assemblies. The company provides high volume PCB assembly services to its clients in aerospace, automobile, modern electronics, lighting industries, and so on.

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