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Guide to Choosing Circuit Board Assembly Services

 Jan 22, 2015

Circuit Board Assembly Services

When designing a printed circuit board (PCB), if you are unsure of the service you need to choose from, here’s a guide to understanding these services, and what they can offer you. Many manufacturers also offer hassle-free quotes and order placement services online. This saves you the time, expenditure, and inconvenience, if any, involved in meeting your supplier in person.

1. Quick Turn PCB Assemblies

When you are short of time, you can choose the quick turn service. Here, you can opt for a ‘rushed’ order, wherein your prototype PCB assembly will be created in a short period of time. Generally, this period spans over three days. Upon completion, the PCB is shipped to you.

2. Prototype PCB Assembly

Like the above mentioned quick turn assembly service, prototypes are manufactured in a similar fashion. You have the freedom to design your PCB board and assembly. You can also provide specific components. Ensure that your prototype is UL approved. This will guarantee adherence to the highest quality standards.

3. Low to Mid Volume PCB Assembly

This service can be used when ordering for a production run. If you decide to place an order for a bulk amount of PCBs, it is advised that you first get a prototype manufactured. This will help you understand its capabilities and compatibility level with your application.

Low to Mid Volume PCB Assembly

You can choose a company that allows you flexibility in design, mounting technology, PCB assembly materials and much more. No matter which service you decide on, a reliable manufacturer should be able to perform several quality and functionality tests on the PCB. This will ensure that your PCB will function at an optimum level.

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