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Functional Testing: Why are We Trusted?

 Oct 23, 2017

Functional Testing

Functional Testing (FCT) is a final step in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCB). This testing helps determine the pass or fail of the manufactured PCBs, before shipping them to the client location. This testing helps ensure that the PCB is free from any kind of manufacturing defects, and is working as expected. Although most reputed PCB manufacturers offer this kind of testing, still Accelerated Assemblies is considered one of the reliable and best. Why? Read the post to know about our functional testing capabilities.

Functional Testing Capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies

Delivering defect-free PCB is a critical factor of success for any PCB manufacturer. Various detection technologies are utilized to identify manufacturing defects of the PCB. These include inspection, boundary scan testing, in-circuit testing, manufacturing defect analyzer, etc.

In-circuit testing is one of the most preferred fault detection technologies in the industry because it offers the highest possible fault detection among all other technologies. Today, the use of high-density PCBs is on the rise. This has increased the relevance of the functional testing. At Accelerated Assemblies, our functional testers utilize decades of experience in development, design, and implementation of functional testing. Generally, it is seen that testers concentrate on individual components, whereas we concentrate on the entire PCB. However, our testers look at the whole PCB. They try to simulate the function of the PCB and compare it to the expected function of the board as per the design.

Various Functional Testing Systems Used at Accelerated Assemblies

Our experts achieve desirable results by utilizing the following:

  • Software: Typically referred as firmware, the testing software for the FCT is designed using Visual C/C++, Labview™, LabWindows CVI™. Various tests and graphic user interface (GUI) are designed using a combination of programming languages. Also, the software programs are used to initialize and configure instruments for proper measurement, capture, and stimuli. All individually developed test cases are assembled to create a test sequence with the help of an executive testing software.
  • Hardware: Testing systems are configured with PXI, Serial Port, VXI, and PC based instrument to meet various budgetary and technical requirements. Our experts have been using various proven tester-fixture interfaces. We allow customers to choose from standard interfaces, such as VG2271™ style, MacPanel™. Also, we can develop custom fixture interfaces for typical projects such as military PCBs. These fixtures are not only easy-to-use but also enable a quick changeover.

Key Features of Functional Testing Services

FCT enables us to deliver high-quality printed circuit boards. It helps in:

  • Identifying the manufacturing defects within a printed circuit board assembly.
  • Understanding functionality of different components when a marginal voltage or power supply is applied.
  • Identifying DUT power consumption during various operations.
  • Understanding DUT functionality under a wide range of input currents.
  • Identifying various problems associated with analog circuitry like:
  • Potentiometer adjustment issues
  • Currents at power output circuits
  • Amplifier bandwidth issues
  • Oscillator frequency issues
  • Signal timing
  • Communication problems with Serial, Ethernet, etc.

Advantages of Functional Testing

Some key advantages of functional testing are as described below:

  • The FCT helps maintain the quality of the PCB.
  • These tests help avoid expensive testing fixtures, and allows a customer to save on various testing equipment.
  • This testing allows OEM’s cut down their efforts in debugging the issues associated with the PCB.

All the above-mentioned features, explain why and how OEMs can benefit by working with an experienced PCB testing provider like us.

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