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Everything You Want to Know About Low Volume PCB Assembly Services

 Dec 20, 2016

PCB Assembly Services

Low volume PCB assembly is becoming a matter of choice for several OEMs. This type of assembly provides many benefits over large volume production runs, or prototypes. Do you want to know what? Read this post to find answers.

Advantages of Low Volume PCB Assembly

Following advantages of low volume assembly of PCBs works in their favor:

  • Small Quantity Assemblies: As the name suggests, this refers to small volume circuit board assemblies. These quantities may vary from 25- 1000 or sometimes 5000. Small volume assemblies are ideal for OEMs who are building new products. These small quantities will help them understand issues that may affect their products.
  • Design Changes: Prototype PCBs allow customers to understand the final look of their PCB. These small volume PCBs will help OEMs to arrive at better decisions regarding whether they wish to proceed with a product, or whether they wish to go for long production runs.
  • Testing and Troubleshooting: Most PCB assembly manufacturers employ the same testing and troubleshooting practices for small volume and big production runs. This helps them understand whether certain components require some repair, or replacement. Many service providers even provide X-ray inspection of leadless part assemblies, as well as Ball Grid Array (BGA).
  • Price Benefits: Many assembly services providers help their clients avoid extra charges by waving stencil, as well as NRE costs on repeat orders. Also, they will take responsibility to shop part numbers with major distributors, as well as select quantities to achieve the lower prices per part. This helps users to reduce their production costs.

Types of Low Volume PCB Assembly Services

It is very common for any novice to ask what these types of services offer. The information below will help them understand it better.

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM): The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) service helps to perform quality checks on engineering documents such as Bill of Materials, Gerber Files, circuit diagrams, and assembly files. This in-depth scrutiny helps avoid any fabrication process delays. The process also helps ensure the quality of components to be placed on circuit boards. Many services may even recommend some additional masking to improve yield rates.
  • Design for Testing (DFT) Services: Through these services, PCB assembly services help their clients understand test points on the circuit boards. These services validate the type of testing to be performed, problem-solving instructions, and problem detection process.

Most PCB assembly services require you to send your Gerber files and Bill of Materials (BOM) to them. There might be several PCB assembly manufacturers in your area, who provide you the service. While selecting, you need to keep certain things in mind.. The Company provides low-volume PCB assembly services at cost effective prices. Accelerated Assemblies, Inc. provides quick turn PCB assemblies to its industrial clients.

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