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Defining Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Ways to do it

 Jun 11, 2014

Defining Printed Circuit Board Assembly

In simplest terms, printed circuit boards can be defined as intricately designed pathways created by metallic insertions for electricity to transfer smoothly, in order to reach the components of the electronic devices. This easy movement of electric power helps the electronic devices to operate fluently without interruption. After creating the printed circuit boards, the next important step is to assemble themefficiently for completion of the mechanism.

What is circuit board assembly?

Printed circuit board assembly is the process of connecting the electronic components with the wirings of printed circuit boards. The traces or conductive pathways engraved in the laminated copper sheets of PCBs are used within a non-conductive substrate in order to form the assembly. Attaching the electronic components with the printed circuit boards is the concluding action before using the fully operational electronic device.

Which are the various ways to create printed circuit board assemblies?

Printed circuit board assembly is advised to be done with care, paying attention to details and absolute precision, as this would determine the successful operation of the electronic devices. The electronic machines can be ideally assembled with the PCBs in the 3 following ways:

  1. Surface Mount Assembly (SMT):The technique that emerged in the 60s,and further developed in the 80s, is currently being widely used by many PCB assembly manufacturers. The process includes components with metal tabs that can be easily soldered to the PCBs. The technique offers higher circuit densities whenthe components are fixed at both sides of the PCBs with effective soldering methods.
  2. Plated through-hole technology (PTH):This process involves components with leads attached to them. PCBs used for this kind of assembly come with drilled holes. Now, it becomes easy to assemble the PCBs with the components as the leads are effectively inserted into the drilled holes.
  3. Electro-mechanical assembly: Also known as box-build assembly, this method uses elements like wire harnesses, looms, custom metalwork, cable assembly, and molded plastics in order to assemble printed circuit boards with the electronic components.

The newest generation is exploring the aspects of microelectronics,which is leading the electronics engineering and packaging industry to invent newer and more improved technologies. Effective and accurate printed circuit board assembly ensures that the electronic devices operate with absolute precision and productivity.

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