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Consignment PCB Assembly Services: Types and Benefits

 Aug 06, 2019

When making a regular PCB assembly for a given customer, most manufacturers provide end-to-end service. So, they are responsible for everything right from material procurement to dispatch. Do you know consignment PCB assembly exists? With the increasing need for customized PCB assemblies, nowadays, electronics OEMs are opting consignment PCB assembly services more than before. Why are these services gaining popularity? Read the post to know more.

Benefits of Seeking Consignment PCB Assembly Services

The difference between a regular PCB assembly and a consignment PCB assembly is in consignment PCB services, the customer procures the required materials and components and gives them to the manufacturer. Despite the customer having to select materials on their own, consignment PCB assembly offers many benefits:

  • Cost Saving: A consignment assembly service becomes a cost saving option when you have excess parts in your assembly. Manufacturers whom you approach for the assembly process can best utilize these parts to create unique PCBs for your applications. Also, it saves you from procuring the parts directly from the market.
  • Time Saving: The time required by the assembly service provider to select and procure the parts is cut down. Also, the advanced technologies used can produce parts at a much faster rate and with all the required details.
  • Making Complex Parts: As a manufacturer, if you make niche, complex, or patented parts or components, which cannot be replicated, getting consignment PCB assembly services may be a good option.
  • Options Based on Client Requirements: Most providers offer typical options to their clients such as lead free assemblies, a variety of mounting patterns, single or mixed technologies, materials such as fiberglass, FR4, polyester, and so on.

Types of Consignment Services

Consignment services could be full or partial depending upon the client requirement. Here are a few scenarios:

  • In case of a full consignment PCB service, all the parts are procured or manufactured by the client and provided to the service provider for the fabrication and assembling process.
  • In case of partial consignment PCB services, client may manufacture some parts, while the rest are procured or made by the service provider.
  • The client may want to procure certain parts on their own and supply them to the service provider. This is if they are specific about the manufacturer, cost, and other factors for certain parts or components. This is called hybrid PCB assembly.

It is essential that the client gets complete freedom and flexibility in the circuit board prototyping and assembly process. Service providers must be open to clients procuring their required parts. Another factor that depicts good service is the help offered by the consignment PCB assembly service provider when shortlisting the components based on the design and application requirements. There are several manufacturers who specialize in it. Accelerated Assemblies provides consignment PCB assembly services in the US.

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