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Benefits of Selecting Accelerated Assemblies for Your PCB Prototyping

 Mar 20, 2017

PCB Prototyping

Accelerated Assemblies is a PCB prototyping specialist in the US. The company provides vast range prototype circuit board assembly services. With the industry marked by various business players offering the same service, how does Accelerated Assemblies stand out? Read the post to find answers.

Advantages of Working with Specialized PCB Prototype Service Provider Accelerated Assemblies

Customers can accrue a variety of benefits such as:

Shorter Lead Times: Prototype building requirements may range from 1-20 PCBs. Also, most OEMs base their future product decisions on these PCBs. A specialist company always understands the importance of quality and deadlines. Hence, they employ well-defined processes, which allow OEMs to receive these products in a shorter lead time.

Quality is Never Compromised: Working with a specialist service provider helps OEMs improve their time to market capabilities, as well as product quality. For example, Accelerated Assemblies employs in house-staff who are IPC certified, which means they have in-depth knowledge, and vast-experience of soldering of electrical equipment, and electrical assemblies to meet various industry standards. This training helps them create industry-grade, and high quality PCBs.

One Stop Solution: Today, many OEMs outsource their PCB prototyping to multiple service providers to save money. However, they don’t realize the several underlying problems associated with it. The problems may vary from difficulties in coordination to poor quality products, which ultimately hampers the reputation of the company using these PCBs. However, there are a few reliable service providers who can provide all aspects under one roof – design, manufacturing, testing, and quality control. Handling all these tasks can be very difficult for many companies, thus, they can always reduce their efforts by outsourcing these services to a complete service provider.

Helps Save on Upfront Costs: A PCB prototyping specialist helps businesses cut down their up-front capital investments. This can be a great relief in times of economic crisis when businesses are finding ways to cut down their upfront investments. To manufacture quality PCBs, a company needs to invest in various things such as advanced manufacturing CNC equipment, certified labor, and high quality material. However, Accelerated Assemblies scores in all these area with its well-equipped facility, industry-wide supplier network, and certified labor. Hence, it makes sense for companies that want to save on its upfront investments.

Wide Industrial Experience: It is very difficult to find PCB manufacturing services that have an experience serving various industrial segments. However, a specialist PCB prototyping service like Accelerated Assemblies are counted among a few who have served SMBs across various industries such as municipal vehicles, aerospace-related electronics, gaming equipment, oil and gas drilling etc. This means the company is also knowledgeable about the current market trends, and compliance standards expected in these industries.

The above-mentioned are only a few advantages of working with a specialist prototype assembly service provider. To discover other advantages, you can contact Accelerated Assemblies at +1(630)616-6680

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