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Ball Grid Array (BGA) Capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies

 Aug 11, 2017

Ball Grid Array

BGA refers to Ball Grid Array. It is a type of surface-mount package, which is used in manufacturing a wide range of integrated circuits (ICs). The bottom side of the BGA is characterized by solder pads, arrays and patterns. The solder pads are used to connect the high temperature solder sphere. One of the major advantages of ball grid arrays is the flexibility that they offer. The electrical and physical connections that the balls make between the land pattern of the printed circuit board and the component pads are not jeopardized. Like this, there are a number of other advantages and capabilities of the ball grid array assembly. There are a number of companies that can provide you with the BGA assemblies, but there are very few of them, which provide quality and comprehensive services. Accelerated Assemblies is among such very few companies.

What are Accelerated Assemblies’ BGA capabilities? What are the different types of BGA packages provided by the company? What makes the BGAs so advantageous and most preferred among several industries? Read on this post to get answers to these questions.

Why Should You Go with BGA Technology?

The ball grid array has a vast number of benefits over other technologies. Following are some key reasons that explain why this technology is most preferred by many industries:

  • Reduced Thickness – Ball grid array assembly helps decrease the thickness of the package. This is one of the greatest advantages of a BGA as it allows you to make thinner assemblies.
  • Improved Performance – A ball grid array package helps in improving the overall electrical, as well as thermal performance of the circuit.
  • Enhanced Re-workability – Ball grid array makes use of larger pad sizes. This helps achieve an enhanced re-workability.
  • Improved Soldering – It helps improve soldering to a great extent. Thus, it helps in improving the manufacturing yields. Besides offering a better solderability, wide and comfortable spacing can be achieved between connections using BGAs.

What are Accelerated Assemblies Ball Grid Array Capabilities?

Following are some of our important capabilities:

  • Baking ovens for ball grid arrays
  • Placement of automated, as well as semi-automated ball grid array
  • Tools and software for thermal engineering
  • Device upgrade and BGA Re-work
  • BGA soldering and re-balling
  • X-Ray with 3D real-time inspection
  • A team of highly skilled IPC trained technicians with a good experience

Following are our rework capabilities:

  • Solder paste application
  • Reflow of circuit board
  • Component removal
  • Replacement of BGA
  • Preparing the rework area

What are the Different Types of Ball Grid Array Packages Provided by Accelerated Assemblies?

Apart from the capabilities mentioned above, we can provide you a vast variety of ball grid array assembly services as follows:

  • Plastic BGA
  • Ceramic BGA
  • Stack BGA
  • Micro BGA

BGAs have always been popular with engineers across various industries. To get a high-quality reliable BGA assembly done for your PCBs, it is advisable to get it done from experts. At Accelerated Assemblies, we have a team of expert engineers, who can help you get the BGA assembly done as per your requirements.

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