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All You Need to Know About PCB Assembly Services

 Sep 09, 2014

PCB Assembly Services

Printed circuit board assembly is one of the most important steps in PCB fabrication that involves all the components that are required to produce the complete PCB. There are 2 methods to construct a printed circuit board assembly; namely, Surface Mount Technique (SMT) and Through-Hole Technique (THT). SMT is helpful where there is limited space and THT provides strength to the component.

How a PCB is assembled?

Using different conductive pathways, traces and tracks to mechanically connect different electronic components, PCB assembly includes varied components that are selectively etched from laminated copper sheets. These are then put onto the non-conductive substrate. The components leads are then carefully attached to the PCB layout with the help of soft metal soldering.

Significances of PCB assembly services

Efficient and precise PCB assembly services are growing in importance owing to the growth in the manufacture of electronic devices. Electronic devices like computers, laptops, iPods, gaming machines, calculators, consoles, televisions etc. cannot operate without a complete PCB assembly that plays an integral part of the mechanism.

pcb assembly service

Following are the reasons why most companies nowadays are opting to avail PCB assembly services from expert manufacturing firms to source their PCB units.

1. Saving of investments and labor costs

Availing of PCB assembly service from external firms saves the companies quite a large amount of investments and labor costs. A lot of expenses are involved in PCB assemblies that include activities like setting up operations, hiring labor, managing inventory, maintaining and upgrading their facility and so on. On outsourcing the PCB assembly services, all these tasks are taken care of externally.

2. Benefiting from expert assistance

By hiring an external and expert PCB assembly house, companies can rest assured of getting the best PCB assemblies done and hence benefit from specialized skills. These PCB assembly service providing companies possess an expert work-force to offer precise, competent and high-quality PCB assemblies in adherence to the latest industry standards.

3. Focusing on core competencies

By outsourcing the PCB assembly services from external service providers, companies can focus on their core competencies and basic product developments. As the PCB assembly services are taken care of by the external firms, companies can concentrate on other important activities like brand building, researching and strengthening its sales and marketing network.

However, most importantly, the customers must outsource PCB assembly services from a reputed and reliable service provider.

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