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A Discussion on PCB Assembly Capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies

 May 31, 2018

Printed circuit boards have revolutionized the PCB industry. The impact created by the printed circuit boards is so large that it is almost difficult to think of non-PCB devices. Needless to say, the PCB industry is growing at a faster rate with new technologies and patterns being introduced every day. Today, if you search, there are several printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly services in the US that promise high quality services at affordable prices. However, there are a few PCB manufacturing and assembly services that have found immense popularity and success as Accelerated Assemblies. Why? It is all due to our adherence to high-quality standards, 100% customer satisfaction, and advanced PCB assembly capabilities. This post discusses the PCB assembly capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies.

Know About the Extensive PCB Assembly Capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies

The following capabilities have helped us establish a strong presence in the industry.

Different Types of Printed Circuit Boards Provided by Us

At Accelerated Assemblies, our only focus is meeting client requirements above their expectations. Thus, we can provide an extensive range of printed circuit boards. These boards are differentiated on the basis of layers and materials.

Categorization on the Basis of Layers: We can provide the following types of PCBs on the basis of layers.

  • Single-sided PCBs
  • Double-sided PCBs
  • Multilayer PCBs

Categorization on the Basis of Materials Used: We can provide different types of the PCBs such as these:

  • Flexible PCBs
  • Rigid PCBs
  • Flexible and Rigid PCBs

In addition to the above, we can also design and deliver the following types of PCBs:

  • Box Build Assemblies
  • High Temperature PCBs
  • Lead-free PCBs
  • High Reliability PCBs
  • Burn-in PCBs
  • High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI)
  • Mil-Spec PCBs
  • Radio Frequency PCBs

Materials We Regularly Work With

Quality is our first, second, and third priority. We have always believed in creating and delivering only high-quality PCB assemblies. Our extensive material knowledge has always helped us take up challenging PCB projects. Currently, we work with the following types of materials:

  • FR3
  • FR4
  • FR5
  • Composite Epoxy Materials (CEM)

Over the years, we have delivered high-frequency circuit boards for several mission-critical applications. The boards were created using the following materials:

  • Rogers Corporation
  • Arlon
  • High Tg
  • Pyralux

Assembly Options Provided by Us

We provide the following types of PCB assembly services:

  • Through-hole Assembly
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Mixed Technology Assembly
  • Single or Double Sided Placement

PCB Assembly Capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies

Here are a few additional PCBA capabilities that we possess:

Component Sizes We Accept

We, at Accelerated Assemblies, work with the various component sizes, including the following:

    • Passive Components: We can accept components in diverse sizes, including the small sizes, such as 0201, 01005, and 0402.
    • Fine Pitch Parts: We can assemble fine pitch parts as small as 0.25mm.
    • Ball Grid Arrays (BGA): We possess the capability to handle BGA in 0.3mm pitch. All BGA placements are X-ray inspected.

Lead Times Offered by Us: Short lead times are a trend. Today, electronic manufacturers are keen to minimize their lead times, without compromising on the quality. We help them achieve their target by offering shortest lead times in the industry. We can deliver the high-quality printed circuit boards in 24-48 hours. Considering the increasing complexity of the printed circuit boards, we believe the turn-time begins after assembling all necessary parts, as well as the PCB files (Gerber files), BOM, and Centroid (Place and Pick PNP) are in place.

Parts Procurement Services Provided by Us

We believe in the concept of 100% customer satisfaction, and serve the clients in the following ways:

  • Consigned: In this type of service, the clients need to provide us all the necessary parts required for the PCBA. Also, we request them to send us all components with BOM list, and packing list indicating manufacturer’s part number, item number, and quantity in each kit.
  • Turn-key: We rely on our supply chain network while working on turnkey PCBA projects. There is a wide price gap, when it comes to sourcing the components from different suppliers. Many times, we source the components from reliable suppliers, who offer no price advantages. Hence, we seek client approval before starting the assembly.
  • Partial Turn-key/Combo: In this type of service, the clients have to supply us the main components, whereas we will source other parts for them. In this type of service, we also seek client’s approval before proceeding with the assembly.

Testing and Inspection Capabilities: We strongly believe that the performance of the PCB entirely depends on its quality. Thus, every PCB assembled at Accelerated Assemblies undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before leaving the premises. Our testing and inspection capabilities include the following:

  • Manual Testing
  • Burn-In Tests
  • Fixtured & Fixtureless In-circuit & Functional Testing
  • In-circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Optical Inspection & Flying Probe Test
  • X-Ray Inspection

Highlights of PCBA Capabilities of Accelerated Assemblies

The following are additional PCBA capabilities we possess:

  • Layer Count: 1-20
  • Board Thickness: 0.010″ – 0.125″
  • Smallest Drill Size: 0.005″-0.008″
  • Minimum Pad Size (via): 0.016″
  • Minimum Pad Size (component): 0.016″
  • V-Score Web Thickness & V-Score Line Width: +/- 0.002″
  • Finished Copper Weight: 1 Oz – 3 Oz

We can also provide custom printed circuit boards in custom specifications. For more information about printed circuit board assembly capabilities, please visit our website or contact the company at +1(630)616-6680

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