PCB Assembly for Military

Versatile Circuit Board Assemblies for Military Applications

As military defense has become a higher priority than before, there is a greater demand for more robust and versatile circuit board assemblies. Circuit board designs and constructions have to withstand the rigors of extreme environment and stay protected from harsh contaminants such as dirt, dust, and corrosion.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of circuit board assemblies for military applications, Accelerated Assemblies has the capabilities to upgrade your existing systems and create new customized circuit boards that will meet your latest requirements.

We can manufacture assemblies using materials such as Rigid FR-4, Rigid-Flex, Rogers, and Aluminum. For prototypes, we utilize the latest in fine pitch components, BGA and Micro BGA placement. If there is a requirement for extremely intricate circuit boards, we can meet this demand by designing and manufacturing SMT and PTH mixed board assemblies.

Our SMT and PTH machines are completely automated ensuring that there is no room for human error. All our products undergo intensive AOI testing before they are shipped to the client for delivery.

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