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Setting the Standard: Assembly Manufacturing Technology at Accelerated Assemblies

 Jul 11, 2023

Assembly Manufacturing Technology

The printed circuit boards (PCBs) are integral to several electronic devices, as they contribute to their functioning and performance in real-time environments. Although they may appear as small chips, these boards feature several minuscule components that contribute to functioning any big device. This PCB is assembled through a series of steps, including layout, uploading and validating component data, populating components, solder paste printing, SMD assembly, reflow soldering, etc. These steps vary slightly across manufacturers, however this post introduces you to the assembly manufacturing technology at Accelerated Assemblies.

Features of Assembly Manufacturing Technology Followed at Accelerated Assemblies

At Accelerated Assemblies, the PCB assembly manufacturing technology comprises the following steps.

  • Receiving Manufacturing and Assembly Files: Clients can share the data files through the file available on the Contact Us form on the website. They can upload the bill of materials (BOM), component placement list (CPL). bare board data, centroid, assembly drawings, and preliminary files. The BOM is a must-have document because it features the manufacturer’s part number (MPN), which is a designation of component description, component designators, and package.
  • Component Sourcing: The experts at Accelerated Assemblies will identify the components by referring to the BOM. Some commonly used parts, known as Generic Parts are stored in their inventory. Depending on the kitted, partial kitted, and full turnkey services, the team sources from its verified component database. In kitted assembly, all components related to the assembly, such as electronic components and bare printed boards, are provided by the electronic OEM. In partial kitted assembly, some parts and components are provided by the OEM and the rest by the team at the company. All parts and components are sourced by Accelerated Assemblies in full turnkey services. The components that are not stocked are sourced from trusted suppliers.
  • Component Checking: In this phase, the preparation for assembly begins. As the first step, the experts will focus on components with special mounting requirements, reflow soldering requirements, and so on. The sensitive components are identified and special cautions are decided. The component package is compared to the PCB design files and the part’s polarity and orientation are decided. In this phase, the experts will prepare the file for different assembly machines. All the components that have been freshly resourced are checked and released for production. They are kitted and loaded to the pick and place systems.
  • Stencil Printing: In this phase, the solder paste is applied to the circuit board for component placement.
  • Picking and Placement of Components: The SMD components are picked and placed onto the board using advanced pick and place machines. The heavier and bigger components, and lighter and smaller parts are placed differently.
  • Reflow Soldering: This phase begins immediately after the component placement. The oven is preheated, and the panel is placed into it. The oven heats the panel and the paste is melted to create a solder, which helps fix the component to the copper pad. The board is then allowed to cool and the molten paste solidifies to form strong connections.
  • Through Hole Component Soldering: Some PCBs may involve through-hole components, which are soldered using a selective soldering machine or manually by expert operators.
  • Inspection and Testing: The PCBs are inspected at every phase of manufacturing to ensure their accuracy and appropriateness. The boards are tested in simulated environments to ensure their proper functioning in real environments.
  • Shipping: The tested PCBs are finally shipped to the client; however, before that, the boards are compared with the original order details.

Do you have special PCB assembly and manufacturing requirements? Do you wish to discuss any aspect of the assembly manufacturing technology at Accelerated Assemblies? If that sounds yes, you can contact the experts at the company.

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