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Know About the 3 Crucial Documents you Need for a PCB Assembly Quote

 May 08, 2023

PCB Assembly
When businesses need Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for their products or projects, they often request a quote from a PCB assembly company. A PCB assembly quote is an estimate of the cost to manufacture and assemble a PCB. This quote includes the cost of the materials, the labor, and the company's overhead, and more. Businesses should request quotes from multiple companies before choosing a provider. This allows them to compare the costs and find the best option for their needs. It is also important to remember that the lowest quote isn't always the best option. Businesses should also consider the quality of the product and the customer service when making their decision.

Have you ever thought how does a PCB assembly services provider offer a quote? Well, there are several factors that may affect a quote, but primarily it is based on three documents that you share with them. This post lists the 3 most important documents required to quote a PCB assembly.

List of Three Important Documents Required to Build a PCB Assembly Quote

The information provided in a quote must be accurate and up to date, as this is crucial to the success of a board assembly. The Quote Request Form should be completed as fully and accurately as possible for the board assembly to run smoothly. The following are the crucial documents required to get the right quote.

  1. Bill Of Materials: A Bill of Materials (BOM) is required to accurately quote a PCB assembly. A BOM is a list of all the components that will be used in the assembly process, as well as the quantities of each component. The BOM is used to calculate the total cost of the assembly, as well as the lead time (the amount of time it will take to procure and assemble all the components). Without a BOM, it would be impossible to know what components are needed and when they are needed. This could lead to delays in the assembly process.
  2. Gerber Files: When requesting for a quote of PCB assembly, it is critical to also submit the Gerber files. The Gerber file is essential because it contains all the necessary information that the assembly house needs in order to provide an accurate quote. The documentation will show the size, number of layers, material thickness, copper thickness, hole sizes and locations, trace width and spacing, soldermask and silkscreen requirements, and any other special requirements. Without this file, the assembly house will have to make a lot of assumptions about the PCB, which could lead to an inaccurate quote.
  3. Assembly Print: These documents are typically created by printed circuit board designers and contain all of the necessary information for assembly technicians to follow in order to assemble the board correctly. The assembly print typically includes a schematic of the board, parts’ location, PCB packaging, as well as details on special markings.  It is important to have an assembly print when submitting a request for a quote, as it provides the assembly house with the necessary information to accurately quote your project.
Once you have all of the required documents, submit them to the PCB assembly manufacturer or service provider. The files will be reviewed by the manufacturer to ensure accuracy and completeness, and then a quote will be provided. There are many benefits to getting an accurate PCB assembly quote. Assembly costs can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another, so getting a quote from each can help you get the best price. Second, an accurate quote can help you avoid unexpected delays or cost overruns.

Currently, many prominent PCB assembly houses like Accelerated Assemblies offer their customers the option to fill out a quote form online. This is a convenient way to get an estimate for your project without having to meet with a representative in person. However, it is important that you take the time to fill out the PCB quote form correctly and include all relevant documents. This will ensure that your project gets off to a good start and that you will receive an accurate quote.

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