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Know About PCB Design Software

 Nov 24, 2022

PCB Design
While printed circuit boards were designed and manufactured in the 1930s using manual processes. In 1936, the first PCB was developed to operate a radio system. This PCB was developed on the basis of circuit design created by Charles Ducas who also held a patent for the same. Since then, PCB designing has come a long way. Today, you can see various software that helps design the board layout. PCB software defines the characteristics, component mounting, and routing of an electrical circuit. It actually helps transform a PCB design into a live circuit with mounted components on an otherwise blank board. Over the years, there have been many advancements in design software which facilitate automated design flows, ensure accuracy in routing, signal integrity, mixed signal integration, and more. There are many more features a PCB design software must have considering the increasing complexity. This post discusses various aspects of PCB layout and design, which are covered in PCB design software and more.

Important Things You Need to Know About PCB Design Software

As mentioned, PCBAs are becoming increasingly compact, loaded with components, and complex because of the shrinking size and increased functionalities of electronic and electrical devices. There are various types of PCB software design with CAD and other functionalities. Here are some important aspects PCB design software features and types.
  • There are three important aspects- making the right shape of blank boards, component mounting, and routing of wires. Primarily, any good PCB design software helps improve the layout.
  • Some software may be open source ones that can be downloaded for free. The others are paid versions that need to be renewed after a certain period as they get upgraded.
  • The software you choose must offer a scalable design that leaves scope for future upgrades and expansion of functionalities.
  • Usually, design engineers, refer to the old design files in the library, especially while working on upgrades. So, it is important that the software enables file storage, data management, auto-generation of reports and documentation, and so on.
  • The above pointers are applicable to any basic PCB design software. However, with technological advancements, many software now have integrated cloud, CAD & CAM, product development solutions, and more. This enables the engineer to integrate the design with the development process, thus reducing manufacturing time and increasing efficiency.
  • Software generated design, multiple axes machining, and simulation features ease the job of the design engineer and machinist.
  • Advanced software has also enabled designing SoC boards which eliminate issues related to static charge, electromagnetic interference, and so on. SoC boards are used in many sensitive electronic devices, high-end computing applications, IoT, and more.
  • Another advancement in software features comprise integrating the schematic environment with the industry standard simulation environment. This helps visualize and analyze circuit patterns.
  • Such software also offers circuit simulation, which helps engineers reduce repetitive iterations in prototyping and analyze design flow.
  • While most software versions offer end-to-end solutions encompassing component placement, traceability, wire routing, data management, simulation, and more, there are more advanced ones which also offer real-time sourcing information pertaining to components, pricing, and so on.
  • Some software enables board preview in 3D, and can report errors in real time which makes it easy to fix them.
If you are an OEM manufacturing digitized mechanical or electrical devices or products, you will require a PCB assembly to be incorporated in your products. It is always good to partner with a reliable PCBA services provider or a contract manufacturer offering end-to-end solutions encompassing PCB layout, design, manufacturing blank boards, assembling, and more. Ensure your PCBA service provider uses the right software for designing and layout and has advanced tools and software for machining, inspection, and assembling.

This is essential aside from their experience and expertise in your segment or industry. Accelerated Assemblies offers end-to-end PCB manufacturing and assembling solutions and has the experience of working with clients from diverse industry segments. They are experts at customizations and use advanced PCB design software, machines, equipment, and inspection techniques.

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