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Advancements in Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

 Jan 31, 2023

Turnkey PCB Assembly Services
With increasing digitalization of several products, the demand for printed circuit boards has hugely increased over the last twenty years or so. Additionally, electronic devices are full of complex features and functionalities and small sized. With such a huge demand for printed circuit board assemblies from OEMs, manufacturing mechanical and electrical products, PCB manufacturers and assembly service providers now offer full turnkey PCB assembly services. These services basically comprise end-to-end solutions which comprise everything from ideation to design and manufacturing to assembly, maintenance, shipping, and beyond. There have been several advancements not only in manufacturing and assembling techniques but also the overall servicing aspect. This post discusses the same.

Key Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services Providers

Full turnkey services are extremely useful when OEMs do not have enough experience in terms of digitalizing their products. Also, they may not have their own fabrication unit or required equipment, CNC machines, and so on. Here are some advantages of opting for full turnkey services.
  • Once you choose the right service provider and share your requirements, you can totally rely on them and they will help with virtually everything. This includes PCB design and layout, manufacturing blank boards, assembling, testing, and installation.
  • Aside from this, the PCB service providers have a strong vendor and supply chain. This eases part procurement, BoM, on-time shipping, shipment tracking, and more. Other advanced services include PCB prototyping, developing new versions of old prototypes, aftermarket, administrative matters, and so on.
  • Most service providers are also open to accepting design files from OEMs as long as they have the required knowledge and experience. This comes under partial turnkey services.
  • Their working model is super flexible. They will work around your requirements and charge you accordingly.
  • Most of them can also customize based on your specific requirements.
Advancements in Full Turnkey Processes and Techniques

The advancements in electronics has virtually benefitted not just every industrial sector but also the way professionals function and perform certain techniques. This applies to full turnkey PCB assembly services providers as well. Here are some relevant pointers.
  • While PCB design may have become complex, full turnkey PCB services have actually simplified it all for OEMs.
  • While customization is always a great option rather than standard ones, there are many PCB manufacturers who make blank boards of various shapes and sizes which can be easily and quickly customized in case of an order. So, it is almost a standard and ready product that is customized in no time.
  • Since, these service providers are a one-stop shop, you only need to communicate with one team, and this saves the task of liaising with multiple players, and also cost and time.
  • They have advanced equipment and software that helps automate the entire process of PCB design, manufacturing and testing as well as assembling. All of this definitely enhances productivity, reduces errors, and improves the time-to-market of products for OEMs.
  • Their inventories are automated, have a tracking system in place, and pick-n-place bots to do the tasks.
  • With full turnkey services, it is much easier for OEMs to develop products for mission critical applications such as in defense, medical, aerospace, and so on. They can offer the kind of accuracy and detailing these products require.
  • These have advanced inspection techniques, where they get a full 3D view of the entire PCB design and layout. With zoom in features, once can easily spot fixes and errors.
  • While DFM is already followed by most players, DFA or design for assembly offers the view of entire assembly.
If you are an OEM manufacturing mechanical, electromechanical, or electrical devices, parts or products, ensure you partner with a reliable full turnkey PCB assembly services provider. This is especially essential if you are new to the digitization segment or lack expertise in PCB design and layout based on your application requirements. Accelerated Assemblies offers full turnkey PCB assembly services as well as partial ones too. This depends on your comfort level as an OEM. The company has several years of market presence and the privilege of working with clients from diverse industries. They are experts at customization as well.

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