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5 Top Industries That Has Benefited from Flexible PCB Assembly

 Apr 12, 2022

Flexible PCB Assembly

Flexible PCBs are built using flexible substrates that can be bent and even folded without compromising their electrical integrity. In fact, several industrial sectors are choosing flexible PCB assemblies due to advantages they offer such as cost-effectiveness, greater tolerance to shock and vibration, and durability than rigid PCBs. Owing to these benefits and many more, flexible PCBs have been largely employed for use in several applications across industries. This post lists a few industries that get benefited with flexible PCB assembly technology.

5 Top-Most Industries that Use Flexible PCB Assembly

As mentioned earlier, flexible PCBs are printed circuit boards that have been designed to bend easily, which make them easy to install in various devices. Flexible PCBs are used in different industries, including medical, aerospace, robotics, transportation, and more. Let us check one by one now.

  • Medical: Flexible PCBs are a great solution for embedded medical devices that need to be small and flexible. The main idea behind creating flexible PCBs for the medical industry is to making the medical devices and equipment more durable and long lasting. Flexible PCBs are used in the making of pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiovascular stents, among others.
  • Robotics: Flexible PCBs are the new trend in the robotics industry. Since robots are exposed to different terrains and situations, they require utmost flexibility to adapt to such operating conditions, which can be achieved with flexible PCB assembly. Flexible PCBs can be wrapped around irregular shapes, bent in different directions, and still function properly without breaking down or losing contact with any integrated components. All these make this type of board a popular choice for robotic applications.
  • Consumer Electronics: Flexible PCBs are undoubtedly the next step in the evolution of electronics. They are used for a variety of applications within consumer and industrial products including various electronic devices such as computers, cameras and phones. The electronics industry is using them more frequently to create wearable devices, smart watches and fitness trackers, among several other accessories.
  • Military: The military industry is one of the most promising sectors for flexible PCBs. The military organizations are always on the lookout for new technologies that enhance their capabilities. Flexible PCBs can help them achieve that as they aid in creating more compact and reliable devices.
  • Aerospace: Flexible PCBs are also becoming the technology of choice for the aerospace industry in general. The aerospace industry is the most technologically advanced one, which faces a lot of challenges in terms of design and production of aircraft parts and components. Flexible PCBs allow designers to incorporate electronic components into the product without adding extra weight or significantly increasing the size of the product. This is particularly useful for aviation applications.

The advantages of flexible PCB assembly are numerous. They can be adapted to most of applications and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Today, these boards are being incorporated into products that were never even dreamed of before. As more people discover the benefits of flexible PCBs, the greater the need becomes. However, not every PCB manufacturer has the resources or ability to create and manufacture flexible PCBs. If you plan to incorporate flexible PCBs in your next product, ensure to get the flexible PCB assembly services from trusted manufacturer like Accelerated Assemblies. The company is known for keeping pace with technological advancements while also serving the needs of their clients efficaciously. Get in touch with the team and understand their capabilities in flexible PCB assembly.

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