PCB Prototypes

PCB Prototypes

Accelerated Assemblies providing value added quick turn prototype PCB manufacturing and production manufacturing services at the best and unbeatable price range.

PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service

As a leading electronic contract manufacturer, Accelerated Assemblies provide a complete range of PCB assembly services from prototype to production.

Quick Turn Assembly

Quick Turn Assembly

Accelerated Assemblies is a partner you can trust for availing reliable quick turn assembly services in prototype or production quantity. expertise in assembling PCBs with complex parameters.

A Brief Discussion on Six Common Applications of Multilayer PCBs

In recent times, multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) have gained popularity across industries. Increasing demand for miniature devices is one of the reasons for this popularity. Multilayer PCBs allow users to materialize denser designs, without compromising the performance. It’s easy to find multilayer PCBs in many everyday devices that we use from miniature wearable devices

Low Volume PCB Assembly: Significance in PCB Prototyping and Iterative Design

The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly is a comprehensive process, which involves steps such as design, manufacturing, and testing. Nowadays, much of the manufacturing and assembly process is automated, so these PCBs can be produced in bulk and low volumes, as per the requirement. Low volume PCB assembly basically involves prototype production. Like

A Quick Introduction to Different Types of SMT Stencils

Printed circuit boards have revolutionized the electronics manufacturing industry with their compactness and improved efficiency. They have helped electronic manufacturers automate the process of circuit assembly by reducing point-to-point wiring requirements. Today, PCB manufacturers use advanced machines for component placement and SMT PCB stencils for board assembly. These stencils allow them to deposit solder paste

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) – What Different Types Are Available

Over the years, printed circuit boards (PCBs) have revolutionized the electronics industry. The impact created by these components is so large that it is difficult to imagine an electronic device without them. With all advanced technologies insight, the PCB industry is growing faster than ever before. Owing to their distinct beneficial features, they find their

Kitted, Partial Kitted, and Full Turnkey Assembly Services – What is Your Choice

The printed circuit board assembly is an extensive process, which involves various steps. Owing to their increasing complexity and demand, today, contract electronic manufacturers allow users to choose from various PCB assembly types, volumes, and services. You will find manufacturers who especially specialize in prototype building, low volume production, mid and high volume production or

Consignment PCB Assembly Services: Types and Benefits

When making a regular PCB assembly for a given customer, most manufacturers provide end-to-end service. So, they are responsible for everything right from material procurement to dispatch. Do you know consignment PCB assembly exists? With the increasing need for customized PCB assemblies, nowadays, electronics OEMs are opting consignment PCB assembly services more than before. Why

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for PCB Testing and its Benefits

One cannot imagine electronic gadgets without PCBs. But, it is crucial that the PCBs fitted in various devices and components work without any issues. Hence, there are various testing methods that they go through before being incorporated in any device. One of the important testing methods is AOI. Automated optical inspection or AOI is primarily

How are RoHS-Compliant PCB Assembly Services Different from Others?

With increasing concerns on the overuse of hazardous materials in the electronic and electrical products and their environmental impact, several stricter regulations are being imposed by leading governmental organizations across the world. The RoHS compliance is one such important regulation that is being imposed on the utilization of hazardous materials in the electronics and electrical

Tips to Select the Right BGA Assembly and Repair Service

Ball Grid Assembly (BGA) has become very popular these days owing to its capability of making high density connections to ICs more easily. Although BGAs are considered as one of the durable assemblies compared to several conventional packages, they are also susceptible to damage, which requires immediate repairing. Due to their popularity and widespread use,